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cheekykyu replied to your post: “how do you know yunho and changmin hang out with jyj?”:
what do sasaeng’s say about it?

wow i just saw this sry

the only thing i can remember off the top of my head is that yunho goes to jaejoong’s apartment on a regular basis (i think it was after the first day of catch me con? but yunho went straight from the after party or w/e to jaejoong’s place lmao and was there for a few hours or smthng) and that yunho meets up with the other two on regular occasions and just does stuff/runs errands

i’m sure there’s more/other but it’s been a while and i really can’t remember :(

Anonymous: how do you know yunho and changmin hang out with jyj?

i didnt say changmin but sasaeng info, blind faith, logic, this instagram video. 

i have more reasons to believe that they do still hang out than i do to believe that they don’t.

Anonymous: Do you think Yunho and Changmin should redo the songs meant for 5 just to make their new fans happy? Me and my friend just left a kpop club and some girl said that and I was like -.- I'm a OT5 cassie. She gave me the pity look. There is nothing sad about being a OT5 girl. I personally rather love 5 wonderful men instead of 2 or 3.

No, not at all. Actually, this thinking is what upsets me the most about TVXQ as a duo because of how many times Yunho and Changmin have redone their old songs for…no reason, really. 

Never mind the fact that it wouldn’t work at all, remaking all of their past songs would be erasing their history and ignoring where they came from. Doing it just to make their new fans happy would essentially be them saying that their post-split fandom matters more than their existing pre-split fandom and…that’s not something that Yunho or Changmin would ever do.

It’d also be incredibly stupid considering that the majority of their existing fandom is made up of pre-split fans and completely remaking their discography to exclude JYJ’s voices would piss the whole lot of them off.

Anonymous: Hi, Do you know what exactly does this cashboxman do that pisses Jaejoong so much?

try reading this

I’m not going to argue with you over whether or not the boys meet up because at the end of the day, there’s nothing concrete to back up either one of our beliefs.

The problem I have with your message is that you’re citing Yunho’s father as a completely reliable source, and he’s not. The letter you’re referencing was written in November of 2009, right at the beginning of the lawsuit mess when tensions were high on all sides of the conflict. It’s full of biased opinions and did nothing but help spread misinformation about the reason for the injunction and turn the public’s and fandom’s opinion against JYJ.

Now, here’s my issue with using the member’s parents or siblings as reliable sources for how the members feel or what goes on in their day-to-day life: those people are not the members themselves. I honestly don’t care if Yunho’s father insulted JYJ. I don’t see why anyone does. How Yunho’s father feels about the other three or about the separation is irrelevant because he is not Yunho and his feelings have nothing to do with the situation in general. The members will not reunite because he wants them to and they will not say apart because he wants them to. The members will do whatever it is that they want to do, and their parents can either agree or disagree.

"I don’t think if JYJ n TVXQ/Yunho were close after the split, his father would have done something like that."

You’re basing this off of assumptions—you don’t think, but you also don’t know. You don’t know if Yunho’s father knew the whole situation or if he only knew half of it that Yunho wanted him to know. Frankly, I personally don’t think that Yunho would have condoned his father publishing his letter like that and putting his personal business out in the public like that. It was disrespectful and caused a lot of needless damage to JYJ’s reputation. 

Here are the facts: none of JYJ have ever said anything negative about Yunho, Changmin, or TVXQ as a duo. They have all, as a matter of fact, mentioned repeatedly that they never had any intention of leaving TVXQ as a group, and only wanted to leave the company. 

Yunho has never said anything negative about JYJ working as a trio or their decision to file the injunction. Changmin has only made one vaguely critical statement in 2011 when he and Yunho had just made their comeback as a duo, but nothing since. There is literally no proof to back up the assumptions that relations between the two sides have deteriorated. The lack of pictures of them all together means nothing.

There is also no proof to back up the assumption that the two sides go to great lengths to avoid each other. You referenced SIDA and R2B—but both of those events were attended by Jaejoong. If they were putting effort into avoiding each other in public, then there is no way Jaejoong would have gone if there was a chance that Yunho would have been there as well. 

Then there is the fact that Yunho doesn’t personally choose his schedules like Jaejoong does. Yunho is still being managed by SM Entertainment, and at the end of the day, the company chooses where he does or doesn’t go. IIRC, Yunho was actually in Japan for both of those events, so there was no way he could have attended anyways.

Your sources indicate a lot of animosity, but the actions of the members don’t back it up. Of course, that’s not to say that they’re wrong and that there’s isn’t animosity, but at this point there is nothing that’s happened since they split in 2010 that would give me any reason to believe there is and that the members all hate each other. 

Anonymous: ok so if yunho leaves sme, where does changmin stand in all of this do you think?

lol, right next to yunho.

changmin has never had the kind of loyalty to sme that the other members had. he didn’t go out of his way to audition and didn’t really care one way or the other about becoming and idol or being famous. it was never his dream the way it was for yunho or jyj, so it stands to reason that his allegiance was more to his members that he lived and worked with and to his group that he suffered to build into what it is than it was to the company who just happened to push him into this lifestyle.

iirc, yunho said (or there was a statement released in his name?) that he felt an obligation to sme to stick it out and follow the contractual terms they’d agreed on. feeling obligated to do something is not the same as having a desire to do it, and if yunho disillusioned with the company and wanting to get out, it’s safe to assume that changmin is the same. so if yunho left, so would he.

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Anonymous: o: aw, how can you say yunho is over w/ SM? has he expressed discomfort recently or smt? (tho I agree Changmin would follow him 'till the end of the world)


I actually got 2 messages asking me about this, so I guess I’ll just answer both in this one.

Yunho hasn’t said anything outright, but a lot of fans (sasaengs) think he’s ready to leave the company because of how he’s acted over the past year or so.

  • SME was against his participation in Queen of Ambition and wanted him in a SM drama but he agreed to it behind SME’s back before they had the chance to make anything official.
  • His 2 week disappearance to Japan last year—nobody knew where he was. Not sasaengs, not his managers, not the company.
  • His lack of solo activities in general (Yunho has always been the go-to for variety appearances and it makes very little sense that SM isn’t pushing him as much as possible before he enlists)
  • Apparently he’s been pushing back at SM/his managers more and more whenever he can (which is where the lack of personal schedules comes in), especially when it comes to hanging out with JYJ (which he does do). I think I read somewhere??? that he was not happy w/ SM trying to use TVXQ to get back at JYJ and he ended up raising hell at the office and put a stop to it :c

Obviously none of this is really certain or even confirmed in the least, but keeping stuff like this in the back of your mind while you really watch and pay attention to him and how he acts kind of makes some things make sense? Ever since the lawsuit happened, I’ve never gotten the sense that he was as dedicated to the company as SM tried to make it seem, so I think at this point he’s just waiting for their contract to end so he can buy TVXQ’s name and stuff from SME and move on.

I spoke to two different people last night who don’t know each other at all, and both of them told me that they believe that what we’re seeing now (on both sides of the split) is the groundwork for a reunion in the near future and I agree. I don’t think it’s a happy coincidence that the three of us came to the same conclusion at different points in time with different levels of fandom involvement. Obviously we’re all seeing the same things, which means that something must be happening.