nah, i know where you’re coming from. them not winning for catch me is honestly…lol i dont think anyone could have predicted it :T gangnam style had just begun to take on a life of it’s own when they came back and not even cassiopeia can fight against the pride of an entire country for a song that was getting so much international attention.

as for the elf thing—ugh pls, do me a favor and if you see any doing or saying something to that effect, just quietly laugh at them and remind them that nobody has taken super junior seriously since 2009.

or just remind them that suju and dbsk have never had the intention of competing against each other, and they certainly never wanted their fans to do so, and the members of both groups have always been happy for any success found by the other side. also remind them that, considering the general sentiment felt by the vast majority of other fandoms for elf in general, it would be far from in their best intentions to purposefully antagonize and drag down one of the last remaining populations of people in kpop that are willing to put up with them on a personal level.

if super junior fans are that insecure about the level of their group’s popularity that they feel the need to win as many awards for their members as possible, and then subsequently boast about it in the face of their “sister” fanclub…then more power to them. cassies have got better things to worry about than what a bunch of repeat offenders are doing to make themselves feel better about their fandom decisions.

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